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Specially developed for seniors

The Senifone S1, extensive but still familiar.

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Finally join in digitally

Sending an app, Facebook, clover jackets, viewing the news, it is not only possible, but also easy!


Senifone S1

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The new Senifone S1

The newest device of Senifone, with a number of groundbreaking new functions!

Pre -installed apps

Adjustable SOS button

Large customizable buttons

Simple navigation

No account required

Secure software


Apps categorized

A tour of the Senifone...


Home screen

The most used apps are on the home screen. It is the first screen that is shown when switching on, and will be shown again after closing an app.


All pre -installed apps are categorized in folders, so everything is in an easy place, and does not have to be searched for.

Pre -installed apps

Important apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, News apps and much more are pre -installed. Of course it is also possible to download your own apps.

From the people

From the people

With the Senifone Choose one of the most recent showpieces in the world of senior smartphones.

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