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4 reasons Why thousands of seniors use this phone.

Connect your older lovers with pre -installed apps, adaptable buttons and more!

As people get older, technology can become increasingly intimidated.

But with the right tools, seniors can stay in contact with their loved ones and stay safe in an emergency. That is why thousands of seniors opt for this phone - here are four reasons why:

Pre -installed apps make it easy to connect

With Facebook and WhatsApp already installed, seniors can quickly and easily make contact with friends and family members. They do not have to navigate an App Store or register for a new account - everything they need is present.

smartphone met grote toetsen

Adjustable SOS button for peace of mind

The adjustable SOS button of the phone is a breaker for seniors and their families. He can be set to call a designated contact person in an emergency, to call 911 or even send a pre -written text message. Moreover, it is easy to activate in case of an emergency - no complicated steps are needed.

Large customizable buttons for simple navigation

The large, easy -to -read buttons of the phone make it easy for seniors to navigate menus and apps. In addition, the buttons can be adjusted with shortcuts for commonly used contacts, so that it becomes even easier to stay in contact.

Safe software protects against scams and hacks

Seniors are often the target of scammers and hackers, but the safe software of this phone protects against those threats. Apps are categorized and screened to ensure that they can be used safely, so that seniors and their families can safely be.

From the people

From the people

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