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Senifone One Lite

Senifone One Lite


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Suitable for to call, Whatsapp and Texting. Senifone One Lite is the perfect phone to stay in contact with your friends and family.

Senifone One

Senifone One Lite


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Senifone One is suitable for the senior who wants just a little more, next to to call, Whatsapp and Texting Is it also very suitable for all types of multimedia such as; news, internet, games and much more. Senifone One is a perfect everything Kunner.


Inch screen (LCD)


Inch screen (IPS LCD)

1 GB memory

3 GB memory

Wide angle (5 mp)

Wide angle (13 mp)
Ultragwood angle (5 mp)
Depths (2 mp)

8 GB storage space

32 GB storage space

Average (2000 mAh)

Excellent (4000 mAh)
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